Invisalign vs Emirates Smiles® Invisible Braces

How German dental lab takes on Invisalign.



Invisible Aligners, also known as clear braces, slowly shift the position of your teeth over time, just as traditional metal braces do. Invisible Braces serve as a cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces by not having a prominent appearance, but delivering the same results in shorter amounts of time. As such, clear aligners initiated a true revolution in the space of orthodontics. 

Invisalign is the name of the American company that first popularised dental aligners worldwide, and initially held a patent for that technology. Invisalign has vast experience in treating all kinds of cases, and among dental experts, has made a name for itself for performing especially effective in more complex cases.

However, as the patent of Invisalign ran out a decade ago, the very best European dental laboratories decided to focus on individual, high quality aligners.


As for Emirates Smiles Aligners, we offer an equivalent treatment quality as Invisalign, but are able to treat mild to medium cases with extreme accuracy and with a treatment duration of up to 1.5x shorter than Invisalign.

We are the only clinic to be able to deliver next day treatment plans in the UAE for our own aligner system. This process usually takes up to 5 days with Invisalign. Additionally, after the treatment plan is confirmed by the patient, we take only 3 days to produce a full case, whereas Inivsalign takes a minimum of 14 days.

For both, Invisalign and Emirates Smiles, the cases are supervised by several experienced orthodontists and leave the laboratory only after the highest safety and quality standards have been fulfilled.

Emirates Smiles Aligners vs Invisalign



Emirates Smiles Invisible Aligner

Treatment Duration

25-50% faster than invisalign


Doctor assigned, but planning laboratory not in same country

Doctor assign with local laboatory and higher flexibility

Case types

straighten mild, moderate, and severe teeth misalignments, while also correcting issues with the bite.

mild, moderate, and severe cases. Tipped Teeth, Spacing, open bite, overbite, end to end bite, deep bite, tipped teeth





Worldwide Mass Production

Boutique dental lab



Exclusively German brands




Transparency Medium High






As both Emirates Smiles Aligner and Invisalign have the same result, it often is difficult for the non-dental experts to understand the key differences and make an informed choice about which provider to choose from. I hope to have laid out the essential differences for you in this blog post. 

In summary, both are top-tier invisible braces providers, however, we recommend to choose Emirates Smiles Invisible Aligners for mild to severe cases, and Invisalign for more complicated cases. For kids and teenagers, Invsalign has recently issued a new aligner system.

We happily offer you to get to know us in free consultation session for Invisible Braces in Dubai in which we analyse your teeth and give you expert advice.

Dr. Michael

Dr. Michael

MSc Implantology, Bonn University, Germany