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3D-guided German Implant System from Zimmer Biomet®

Dr. Florian Bretz has 30+ years of implant experience and has practised at Germany’s leading implant research universities. Offer: 4000AED 3000AED / implant

What are implants?

As teeth go missing, their roots gradually degenerate.

Implantology is a minimal invasive treatment procedure that restores that root and tooth by inserting a medical grade titanium rod into the jaw bones. This titanium rod, also known as implant, gives the jaw stability and creates the basis for a crown. The crown is placed on top of the implant, and is the actual and visible tooth replacement.

The main difference between Same Day implants and normal implants is that you will walk out with a full set of teeth when you leave the clinic on your first day of treatment.

This is because the Same Day Implant technique allows us to place the crown directly on top of the implant, whereas the usual technique requires a minimum of 6 months of waiting before that is done.

Why implants are crucial for your health?

Missing teeth are detrimental to both your oral and overall health. There are many studies which link associating missing teeth to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases American College of Cardiology article). 

However, we want to emphasise four more direct health implications of missing teeth.

Gum Inflammation

Gaps between teeth leave gum surface to be exposed to bacteria which can lead to inflamed gums.

Teeth Misalignments

The open space left by missing teeth triggers neighbouring teeth to move into the gap, causing misalignments in the long term.

Facial Asymmetries

Missing teeth negatively affect your jaw and bite and induce facial asymmetries. In some cases, this can even lead to migraine. 

Replacing missing teeth thus restores the structural integrity of your face and prevents bite related health issues.

Speech difficulties

Depending on where you are missing teeth, your speech ability might decrease. 

To pronounce some words, all three, lips, teeth, and tongue have to touch. If you can’t touch your teeth with your tongue, some words become very difficult to pronounce. 

Funnily enough, one of these words is the word “teeth”!

Why EmiratesSmiles®?


Renowned Implantologist

Dr.Michael Bretz is particularly known for his light hands and pain-free implant technique. He has researched and practised at the leading Germany dental institution, the University of Gießen, and has over 30 years of experience.


3D-guided Procedure

Our Same Day Implant technique is accompanied by the latest 3D technology, allowing for the highest precision for the treatment and shorter recovery periods for our patients.


KATANA™ Zirconia Crowns

Your visible teeth are made from the exclusive KATANA Zirconia material, which are the most expensive and desired crowns for dental procedures. The material has made a name for itself for looking perfectly authentic to your other teeth and being especially durable.


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