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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign® is a removable orthodontic teeth straightening system. It can fix any kind of teeth misalignment including crooked teeth or crowding. Similarly, jaw and bite issues can be corrected.

The system itself consists of super-thin and transparent aligners that pressly fit your teeth and gently push them toward a natural and straight position.

They deliver all of the advantages of standard braces, but don’t require brackets nor a permanent fixing on your teeth – you can simply decide when to wear them.

How does Invisalign move teeth?

How long does the Invisalign Treatment take?

In total, a treatment takes from 6-15 months.

The most important factor in determining how long the Invisalign treatment takes is the severity of the case.

The next decisive factor is the oral bone and root structure of the patient – both are essential for moving teeth, and each patient has a different genetic disposition.

How long do I have to wear Invisalign?

Each aligner is supposed to be worn for 20-22h per day. These times are fixed and cannot be reduced. However Emirates Smiles has created NightTime Aligners: The wearing time is reduced to 10h per day while keeping the same results. Find out more in our dedicated blog article.

Are invisible aligners better than braces?

In the past decade, clear aligners have revolutionised orthodontic teeth alignment. More than 95% of all metal braces patients can be treated with invisible braces.

If you prefer having a removable, comfortable, and aesthetic kind of teeth straightener that does just the same job in a shorter period of time, you are exactly right to opt for dental clear aligners. 

Only in rare cases of severe misalignment and malocclusion, also called Class 3 cases in orthodontics, we prefer referring the patient to our orthodontist. Class 3 cases usually take years and require close monitoring from the treating orthodontist.

From a cost perspective, both treatments approximately have the same cost most of the time.

How much does Invisalign Cost?

Clear Braces vs Invisalign

Clear Braces, Invisible Aligner, Clear Aligner, or Invisible Braces – all of these expressions are synonyms and describe the usage of aligners for orthodontic teeth alignment. Invisalign is the first brand that globally marketed their Clear Braces – and is mass manufacturing them to satisfy their global demand.

Why choose EmiratesSmiles® Invisible Braces over Invisalign

Over the past years, a handful of the very best European dental technicians realised that there is a surge in demand for clear aligners. We gathered the best of them in their respective fields to handcraft our medically superior Emirates Smiles Invisible Braces:

The result is a highly precise and innovative Aligner 3D-Technology that can treat nearly any case at 1.5x the speed of Invisalign. Additionally, our invisible aligners are more comfortable to wear due to the US-patented Smart Memory technology.

Whereas Invisalign works with full mass manufacturing, our technicians handcraft each case individually and use the highest precision German dental equipment to support their work.

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Aligner Quality
Aligner Visibility
Treatment Duration
Free 3D Treatment Simulation
Aligner Production Time
Especially effective for
Free Whitening


High (Own German dental lab)

10 500 AED
9 000 AED

Truly invisible

1.5x faster than Invisalign
3 days

Mild to medium misaligments


16 000 AED

Nearly invisible


14 days

Medium to severe misalignments

Zendura FLX: What Material are Emirates Smiles invisible aligners made from?

The vast majority of aligner companies use single layer sheets. These are stiff and inelastic, and quickly lose pressure. As a result, they don’t move the teeth properly after beeing worn for a few days.

Our super flexible Zendura FLX aligner sheets consist of a three-layer sheet system, including an US-patented elastomeric middle layer. This has two effects:

  1. The treatment time is significantly quicker.
  2. The patient can wear the aligners with much more comfort

Our eco-friendly material is BPA, phthalate and gluten free, and is one of the safest and most advanced materials available.

What does the Treatment journey look like?

What Invisalign can fix

Before and After Invisalign

Invisalign Doctors

We have brought together a team of experienced & internationally renowned Invisalign specialists.



Technically, the results should last forever. Invisalign provides a pair of retainers at the end of the treatment that you will have to wear for at least 3 months for 20h per day. Afterwards, they are worn solely at night for 10h per day, for several years. Not wearing the retainers will likely result in dental relapse, meaning that the teeth will slowly move back into their naturally crooked position.

At Emirates Smiles, we have solved this issue.

We also provide a complimentary pair of retainers which we require our patients to wear for 3 months. Afterwards, however, we will install a fixed retainer. This fixed retainer is placed close to the gumline of your inside teeth and can’t be seen. That way, we ensure that you will keep your precious smile forever!

For each aligner, the initial days will cause some minor discomfort on the teeth impacted by the push from the Invisalign Aligners. The pain is ignorable when compared to the pain caused by fixed braces in the initial weeks.

Emirates Smiles Invisible Braces are made from the US-patented Zendura FLX Smart Memory material – one of the many advantages is that the initial pressure exerted from these aligners is 200% less than that Invisalign.

Therefore, our aligners guarantee the maximum comfort in the patient’s mouth.

For Invisalign, the answer is no. However, our German dental technicians have created a nighttime invisible aligner system for our Emirate Smiles Clear Braces. Instead of the standard 20-22h per day, the wearing time per aligner decreases to 10h per day. Depending on the case, your total treatment duration might increase. 

Our dentist will advise you if you should opt for Emirates Smiles NightTime Aligners or go for our standard product.

Attachments are tiny dental composites that are fabricated from acrylic resin, the same material that is used for dental fillings. Before your treatment starts, our dentist will glue anywhere from 4-7 attachments in your mouth – but don’t worry! The process takes only 10 minutes. On top, they are nearly invisible to the human eye and you don’t feel them inside your mouth. So what are dental composite attachments used for in invisible aligner therapies?

The role of attachments is to increase the orthodontic movement for each aligner, thereby decreasing the total treatment time for you. Their use is common practice for successful aligner therapies and has been standard ever since invisible braces started existing.

At the end of your treatment, we can effortlessly and painlessly remove them. 

A dental chewy is a cylindrical soft plastic (Styrene Copolymer) device that helps you to correctly fit the aligners in your mouth. In very few cases, you will have the sensation that your aligner isn’t properly fitted on your teeth. In these cases, you just bite on your chewy for a few seconds, and the aligner will be clipped back into position.

Note that due to the superior elasticity of our aligner material, we have nearly no application for dental chewies. Nevertheless, they are still provided in your set of aligners that you receive on your clear aligner treatment day.

Over the past years, a handful of the very best European dental laboratories realised the increased demand for clear aligners and handcrafted a unique production process – where Invisalign works with mass manufacturing, these labs replaced the work with handwork – supported by the finest German equipment.

With their innovations, a highly precise technology has been invented that can treat cases up to 1.5x faster than Invisalign while being more comfortable to wear for the patient.

Read in our blog how precision is the key factor to a successful invisible braces treatment.