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Emirates Smiles Invisible Aligners are a new, high-end, and convenient way to straighten teeth – in just 6 months on average

What are Invisible Braces?

Invisible Braces are a removable orthodontic teeth straightening device that can correct any kind of teeth misalignment and bite. 

They are also called Invisible Aligners, Clear Aligners, or Clear Braces.

Invisible Braces consist of a series of transparent trays. Each tray exerts gentle orthodontic pressure on teeth until your perfect smile is achieved. The procedure is not painful and the results are permanent.

How do Invisible Aligners Work?

Each pair of invisible braces needs to be worn for a period of 1-2 weeks. The trays are designed by advanced 3D software and formed to gradually shift your teeth into an ideal position. This teeth movement is caused by the gentle force the trays are putting on your teeth.

The process is highly effective and usually preferred over fixed braces.

We are a Dental Clinic and Dental Laboratory.

We are in the unique position to have an in-house and DHA approved Aligner production facility. Our operations are lead by internationally renowned dental technicians from Germany since 2005. 

Our Aligner Technology enables us to treat a case 1.5x more quickly than other Invisible Aligner Provider.

🇩🇪 Dr. Michael Bretz

How much do Invisible Braces Cost?

Complete treatment starting at AED 10,500 AED 9,000 or AED 985/month.

We provide free and next day treatment simulations in 3D. If you approve your treatment plan, we’ll take another 3 days to carefully handcraft it.

As comparison, it takes on average 2 weeks to receive your finished aligners in the UAE.

Powered by our in-house dental laboratory, we are the only clinic in Dubai which can deliver treatment plan and the aligners in such rapid speed.

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Before and After Invisible Aligner

How does the Aligner process Work

Are they really Invisible?

Zendura® FLX: What Material are EmiratesSmiles® Invisible Aligners made from?

The vast majority of aligner companies use single layer sheets. These are stiff and inelastic, and quickly lose pressure. As a result, they don’t move the teeth properly after beeing worn for a few days.

Our super flexible Zendura FLX aligner sheets consist of a three-layer sheet system, including an US-patented elastomeric middle layer. This has two effects:

1. The treatment time is 1.5x times quicker.

2. The patient can wear the aligners with much more comfort

Our eco-friendly material is BPA, phthalate and gluten free, and is one of the safest and most advanced materials available. Take a deep dive into our material here.

Full refund
if we don't deliver

We are confident about the quality of our work – and in our ability to align our patient’s smile. This is why we legally guarantee the results presented on our 3D-treatment forecasts.

Consequently, each case that doesn’t achieve the results presented on our treatment simulation will be fully refunded.

What can EmiratesSmiles®
Clear Braces can

How do we Compare to Invisalign?


Aligner Quality
Aligner Visibility
Treatment Duration
Free 3D Treatment Simulation
Aligner Production Time
Especially effective for
Free Whitening


High (Own German dental lab)

10 500 AED
9 000 AED

Truly invisible

1.5x faster than Invisalign
3 days

Mild to medium misaligments


16 000 AED

Nearly invisible


14 days

Medium to severe misalignments

For any misalignment our patients might have, we have a suitable answer with either Emirates Smiles Aligners or Invisalign. Schedule a free aligner consultation session to find out which system is ideal for you.

Preview your future smile


Upload your current smile, we will use Artifical Intelligence to create a preview of your future smile after Invisible Braces.



Our Material: We are exclusively using Straumann Zendura® FLX sheets for our aligners; Straumann is a Swiss-German dental supplies manufactuer with high-end and expensive products.

Our Equipment: Our laboratory equipment is provided exclusively by Erkodent GmbH, a small, family owned industry leader in German dental machinery.

Our Staff: Our head dental technician learnt and practiced in Germany for over 30 years. He is considered an absolute expert in his field and oversees all of our cases.

Our dental laboratory is approved by local health authorities and lead by German dental technicians. We legally guarantee the results as presented on the treatment plan, which is a before and after simulation of the treatment.

Invisible Aligners are a 3D printing technology, marking a new generation of teeth straightening. They are tight-fitting to gently move your teeth to the desired position.

Each set of Invisible Braces needs to be worn for 10 days, 22 hours a day, before moving to the next stage. During the treatment your doctor will do regular check-ins to see if your treatment goes according to plan.

Having our own dedicated lab enables us to have substantially raised quality standards, because we can work with increased orthodontic precision and flexibility on our patient’s case. 

For example, our patients can share special requests for the ideal angle and rotation of their teeth – tooth by tooth – on the basis of which our technicians then design your smile.

Additionally, our German technology allows for 1 week weartime per aligner, whereas most other providers require 2 weeks. This halves the treatment duration.

On top of these benefits from our product, our patients receive free, next-day 3D treatment plans and a free whitening sessions after completion of the treatment.

Mild and medium cases take up to 6 months on average, whereas more severe cases can take up to 9 months.

In 1970, a regular inflation-adjusted flight from London to New York was 6 times as expensive as it is today, even though air travel is now safer than ever before.

In a similar manner, new technologies have allowed those who understand and move with them to produce high-quality dental procedures at lower costs.

In addition to the technology advantage, owning our own dedicated aligner manufacturing facility allows us to cut out middlemen. 

Combined, these two factors explain the difference in pricing.

We are aware that there is a growing offer of (cheap) aligner providers which require no in-clinic visits. Whereas we advocate progress in teledentistry in general, we don’t think a video session can seriously replace a live dental evaluation process.

We stand for a premium product and being in direct touch with our customers – as mutual trust and a personal touch are the finishing line of our treatments. However, every patient obviously has the freedom to decide where he wants to have his teeth treated.

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Our team

Dental supervision by our professional team at our centrally located practices.
🇮🇷 Dr. Saba Ansari
DDS, University of Sharjah, UAE
🇩🇪 Dr. Michael Bretz
MSc Implantology, Bonn University, Germany
🇩🇪 Ole Schwarz
Lead dental technician for aligner and veneers
🇩🇪🇮🇷 Nasser Anbari
Dental technician with focus on veneers