Invisible Braces are removable orthodontic devices used to rectify any misalignment of the teeth or other conditions like crossbite, underbite, open bite, and deep bite.

Each of these braces comprises a series of clear trays that applies a light orthodontic force to the teeth until you accomplish that perfect smile.

The first step is to visit our clinic, Emirates Smile, where our dentists will take some scans of your existing teeth. The advanced 3D smile scanning software will model your teeth’ appearance.

Next, our dentist will plan how your invisible Braces will be structured so you can attain that perfect smile.

With each set of aligners, your tooth would start shifting because of the mild pressure exerted by the trays. As your teeth complete a course of one set of Invisible aligners, our dentist will move on to the next set until your radiant smile is restored.

There’s no fixed time to complete Invisible braces treatment, as it varies from person to person. Typically it may take 6 to 18 months to accomplish a desired result, depending on the severity of your condition.

The Invisible braces of our clinic, Emirates Smile, are built with Zendura® FLX, one of the most advanced, U.S.-patented memory technology materials. Our braces are exclusively handcrafted in Dubai by German dental technicians.

What makes our Invisible aligners unique is our ultra-flexible Zendura FLX aligner sheets, consisting of a three-layer sheet system, including an elastomeric memory layer patented in the United States. In comparison, Standard Invisible Braces manufacturers utilize single-layer sheets that are stiff and inelastic.

Invisible braces are generally not considered painful. However, you may experience discomfort or soreness when wearing a new set of aligners for the first time, as different people have varied tolerance levels.

Invisible braces can correct most misalignments, including crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, and bite issues.

You must wear Invisible braces aligners for 22 hours daily to achieve the best result. Nevertheless, you can remove these aligners while eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth.

Your Invisible braces aligners should be changed every two weeks or as instructed by your orthodontist.

According to our treatment plan, each set of aligners will carefully and progressively adjust your teeth into position until you achieve a brand-new smile.

At Emirates Smiles, the treatment begins with a complimentary scaling and refining session before putting on your transparent braces to ensure that you start with a spotless smile.

During your treatment, our specialists will meet with you at least once per month to assess your progress with our treatment simulation.

You can continue if you have already started your Invisible Braces treatment before getting pregnant. It is safe for you if your x-rays and scans are completed before becoming pregnant. However, if you plan to start a treatment process, please consult our dentist, who can guide you best.

According to some of the most experienced dentists, Invisible Braces are best for adults and any aged person with permanent teeth and a developed jaw structure.

Teenagers not willing to undergo traditional braces can also choose this treatment to enjoy a beautiful smile without compromising lifestyle changes.

Invisible Braces Aligners should be cleaned daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and lukewarm water. You must remember that boiling water is not recommended, which could melt or distort the plastic! Alternatively, baking soda or clear aligner cleansing tabs can be utilized. We also recommend Invisalign Cleaning Crystals.

Invisalign Cleaning Crystals is a hygienic and proven way to get rid of bacteria on your aligners and keep them shining. These crystals were developed directly by Align Technology and are also recommended from our doctors.

The Invisible Braces cost varies depending on the individual case. For instance, if you want to rectify a minor case of misaligned teeth, that might need just a few months.

In that case, the procedure cost will likely be less than someone who wants a drastic shift over 18 months.

Approximately the cost of this treatment is much lesser in comparison to the expensive  Invisalign procedure. In addition, at Emirates Smile, we offer payment plans through Tabby with a 25% down payment, and the balance is spread evenly over six months.

A: We would first offer a complimentary 3D treatment simulation. Once you approve the treatment plan, we will craft your aligners by hand over the next three days, unlike the traditional Invisalign that typically takes two weeks to receive aligners in the UAE.

Our in-house dental laboratory makes us the only clinic in Dubai to provide a treatment plan and aligners quickly.

Invisible braces may be covered by dental insurance. However, you should check with your insurance provider to confirm your coverage.

Sometimes, switching from traditional braces to Invisible Braces is possible. Nevertheless, you must consult with some of our expert professionals to determine whether this option is viable for your case.

You must visit Emirates Smiles every 4-6 weeks during your treatment for check-ups and to receive new aligners. During your follow-up sessions, our dentist might modify your treatment plan if necessary so you can achieve your desired result.

Some patients may experience a slight change in their speech during the first few days of wearing Invisible braces aligners. But once you get used to these clear aligners,  the discomfort usually goes away as your mouth adjusts.

Yes, you can play sports while wearing Invisible Braces Aligners. Still, wearing a protective mouthguard to protect your teeth and aligners would be best.

If you lose or damage your Invisible Braces Aligners, you must immediately consult our dentist. Only professionals can provide you with a replacement set of clear aligners from the laboratories for a small fee.

The serial number on your aligner can be used to determine which aligner you need to resume your treatment.

The best way to determine if Invisible Braces are right for you is to schedule a consultation with Emirates Smiles. Our team of experienced professionals will conduct a thorough analysis of your oral condition to assess your case and recommend the best course of treatment.

Invisalign uses nearly invisible aligners, while our Invisible braces use high-quality Zendura FLX material that makes it completely transparent and durable.

The best part about Invisible braces aligners is that these unnoticeable aligners can yield the best results at 1.5X faster than traditional Invisible Aligners without causing any discomfort.

You shouldn’t chew gum while wearing Invisible braces aligners, as it can significantly impact your aligners. Don’t worry!

You can continue having all your favorite food items if you have chosen Invisible braces. It is essential to note that you must remove the aligners before enjoying your favorite food item. Water is the only liquid that you can have without removing your aligners.

Lastly, do not forget to maintain good oral hygiene after food and reinserting your aligners.

You can drink alcohol while wearing Invisible braces aligners, but it is recommended to remove them while drinking to avoid any stains or damage to the aligners.

You must wear your retainers every night for at least six months after completing the Invisible braces treatment. You can gradually decrease the frequency of wear over time.

Our Material: We are exclusively using Straumann Zendura® FLX sheets for our aligners; Straumann is a Swiss-German dental supplies manufactuer with high-end and expensive products.

Our Equipment: Our laboratory equipment is provided exclusively by Erkodent GmbH, a small, family owned industry leader in German dental machinery.

Our Staff: Our head dental technician learnt and practiced in Germany for over 30 years. He is considered an absolute expert in his field and oversees all of our cases.

Our dental laboratory is approved by local health authorities and lead by German dental technicians. We legally guarantee the results as presented on the treatment plan, which is a before and after simulation of the treatment.

The simple answer is yes, you can! We can supply you with 3 months of clear aligners in advance. However, we require our patients to hold a monthly video conference with our experts to ensure that your treatment progress is going according to plan

Having our own dedicated lab enables us to have substantially raised quality standards, because we can work with increased orthodontic precision and flexibility on our patient’s case. 

For example, our patients can share special requests for the ideal angle and rotation of their teeth – tooth by tooth – on the basis of which our technicians then design your smile.

Additionally, our German technology allows for 1 week weartime per aligner, whereas most other providers require 2 weeks. This halves the treatment duration.

On top of these benefits from our product, our patients receive free, next-day 3D treatment plans and a free whitening sessions after completion of the treatment.

Attachments are tiny, tooth-colored dental buttons that are bonded onto your teeth. They help the aligners to exert extra pressure onto your teeth.

No worries- you will not feel the attachments in your mouth, and can eat and drink as usual. Once the treatment is complete, they will be removed.

The procedure is completely painless.

In 1970, a regular inflation-adjusted flight from London to New York was 6 times as expensive as it is today, even though air travel is now safer than ever before.

In a similar manner, new technologies have allowed those who understand and move with them to produce high-quality dental procedures at lower costs.

In addition to the technology advantage, owning our own dedicated aligner manufacturing facility allows us to cut out middlemen. 

Combined, these two factors explain the difference in pricing.

We are aware that there is a growing offer of (cheap) aligner providers which require no in-clinic visits. Whereas we advocate progress in teledentistry in general, we don’t think a video session can seriously replace a live dental evaluation process.

We stand for a premium product and being in direct touch with our customers – as mutual trust and a personal touch are the finishing line of our treatments. However, every patient obviously has the freedom to decide where he wants to have his teeth treated.

Yes, our eco-friendly material is BPA, phthalate and gluten free, and is one of the safest and most advanced materials available.